Here Find Out What Could be The Cause of Daily Headaches?

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Nowadays, headache is one of the most common reasons for contacting a doctor. It happens that she worries the patient so often and becomes so intense that he loses the opportunity to live a normal life. Here we are finding the cause of daily headaches, due to that you suffer a lot and it affects your life badly.

In most cases, the headache is associated with problems such as:

  • Stress
  • Cold
  • Dehydration
  • Other diseases, for example, damage to the cervical spine.

The intensity of a headache may depend on where in the head it appears. It can be light, sharp and intense. So, some patients describe it as a feeling of squeezing in a certain area of the head, which makes them unbearable.

In most cases, the headache does not hide pathologies that require serious anxiety and immediate intervention of a medical specialist.

cause of daily headaches
Here Find Out What Could be The Cause of Daily Headaches?

Possible Causes of a Headache


A tension migraine is the most common cause of a headache, causing patients to seek help from a neurologist.

It is characterized by pain around the eyes and in the temporal region and causes tension in the neck and face. Another symptom of this disorder is an increase in the sensitivity of the scalp. It is main reason of causes of headaches in back of head, that effects your life on daily basis.

As a rule, migraine occurs at the end of the day, when stress and fatigue accumulate. The causes of this problem should be looked for in bad rest, insomnia, changes in hormonal background, and stressful situations.


  1. Nuchal Pain

In this case, pain occurs in the base of the skull. This is one of the main types of headache which you occur in the base of skill.

A person who suffers such a headache often complains that pain spreads from the nape to the upper part of the neck, and in some cases also to the jaw.


  1. A Neuralgic Headache

It is a type of a headache characterized by focal pain in one part of the head, which gradually captures all of its half.

This problem can arise because of sharp jumps in the level of histamine and serotonin in the body, triggered by the intake of alcoholic beverages, medications or excessive physical activity.

cause of daily headaches
Here Find Out What Could be The Cause of Daily Headaches?
  1. Vascular Cephalgia

Headaches caused by vascular cephalalgia require careful attention of the doctor. This allows the patient to avoid more serious complications in the future. In this you no need to take tensions in daily routine life as it is types of headaches hypertension.

In most cases, this disorder should not cause concern. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be attentive to the symptoms of such a headache, because some of them may indicate the approach of a stroke. For example:

  • A headache, aggravated by tilting, coughing and lying down.
  • Pain accompanied by difficulty speech and movement.
  • Symptoms that last more than 3 days.
  • Convulsions and fainting.
  • Heat, nausea, and vomiting.

If you find yourself experiencing some of the symptoms listed above, be sure to seek medical advice. Especially it concerns those cases when patients already have problems with blood vessels. Remember that prevention plays a key role here.

cause of daily headaches
Here Find Out What Could be The Cause of Daily Headaches?

A Headache Caused by Problems With The Cervical Spine

The next reason for a headache lies in problems with the cervical spine. Unfortunately, this source of pain is often overlooked by doctors. Such pains are related to mild injuries of the cervical spine, poor posture and abnormal body positions.

Their cause is hidden in degenerative processes in the cervical musculature and weakening of the stability of the cervical vertebrae. Because of this, spasms appear in the neck, giving off to different areas of the head.

Make Changes in Your Lifestyle

Change in lifestyle and habits can alleviate headaches and make them rarer. This also applies to healthy eating. Eat more fruits and vegetables and stick to the diet. This simple step will help reduce the level of stress and number of headache attacks.

cause of daily headaches
Here Find Out What Could be The Cause of Daily Headaches?

The next important factor is the body’s hydration. To maintain good health, it is recommended to drink 2 liters of water daily. Refrain from drinks containing caffeine and alcohol. Do not sit too long at night. A good rest and a sound sleep optimize the work of the body and allow you to cure headaches.

If you are often disturbed by a hypertension headache back of head, pain in the eyes, jaw and lower part of the skull, consult a doctor. Only a professional is a person capable of delivering an accurate diagnosis and eliminating pathologies that require serious treatment.


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